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Is 2018 Going To Be The Year You Elevate Your Financial Education

We certainly hope so! After spending the past 100 years (collectively) of our professional lives in the Wealth Management/Financial Planning sector, at both grass roots and/or boots on the ground and executive levels; have personally lived thru and witnessed first hand, the changing attitude of the Canadian investor, with respect to Education. 

The Financial Implications of Mental Health

After conducting extensive research on this topic, have concluded, the Financial Implications of Mental Health can be devastating on the family unit, especially, if the breadwinner or breadwinners are self-employed. As much as Mental Health affects men, women, children, grandparents; Canadians who are fortunate to be employed by a large corporation or the Canadian government have a greater chance of survival post metal health diagnosis, as they can rely on an excellent Employee Benefit plan, with extended care benefits and if these benefits weren’t enough, corporate and government employees have access to both short-term and long-term disability; allowing them the time, space and financial freedom to heal.

Health Alert: Do Not Ignore Your Mental Health, Do Not Think You Can Self-Heal and For Everyone’s Well Being, Listen To Your Doctor, Even If They Place You On Anti-Depressants And Or Anti-Anxiety Medication….DO NOT FIGHT IT, INSTEAD; ACCEPT IT!

Investment Manager Styles...

Each investment fund manager has a ‘unique’ or ‘niche’ investment style, as it relates to purchasing and managing investment instruments. Instruments such as Stocks, Bonds, Derivatives, EFT’s, Alternatives and Mutual/Segregated Funds; under the auspices of our securities sector. We will explore a myriad of options, including expanding on their ‘Bottom Up’ or ‘Top Down’ criteria; broken into two categories: ‘Value Investing’ and ‘Growth Investing’. The advice in this article, is meant to be the starting point of a discussion between a licensed, knowledgeable financial advisor and you, their client. Always seek professional advice before investing.